Why Is Stretching Important For Your Body

Do you ever wonder how your body can withstand the daily effort and rhythm: eight (or more) hours of sitting in front of the computer, a couple of hours sitting and watching TV and at least six hours of lying in bed – all of this 外汇交易平台 without any active encouragement by which the machine called body can lubricate and maintain quality performance?! if you are interested in signing up for martial art classes learning how important these exercise are for your body.

Will we ever find a balance? Statistics say that half of the people who start to exercise quit after a few months. They do not have enough motivation to continue and feel insecure.
Stretching (stretching exercises) is a technique for improving the elasticity of muscles to achieve optimal physical abilities.

Somehow this activity is associated with athletes, but we forget that most Eastern cultures have always given great importance to physical relaxation, stretching the body, through various forms of active exercise such as yoga, tai chi. Tibetans used them to achieve balance between the mind and the body.

Aristotle once said:

“Nothing so not exhausting and does not violate man as physical inactivity”.

The most complex systems in the human body such as the muscle system, is composed of over 600 muscles. They work all the time to provide our activity and movement. But we forget that every system needs to be maintained, encouraged to be constantly capable to perform properly.

Why stretch?

Stretching is highly beneficial for the body, and here are some of the most important moments:

  • provides mobility (which is terribly important for the movement),
  • regulates muscle tone which means it improves blood circulation and quality restoration of muscle tone,
  • eliminates the effects of stress and fatigue, creating a feeling of lightness and relaxation while improving mood,
  • muscle fibers are more flexible and less prone to injury (especially in middle-aged and elderly people).

How to perform stretching exercises?

Stretching consists of certain activities provides relaxation and pleasure. Before each exercise, stretching is essential, do not forget. One should pay attention to the type of muscles they want to extend, making sure that those muscles are in a good condition.

Rhythmic breathing is important

The cycle of stretching is performed with exhalation and inhalation.

We will not go into a detailed analysis of the anatomy of our bodies, but we must bear in mind that the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments can get damaged if they are not being treated properly. One needs to know exactly how to exercise, to achieve good results.

Stretching can be active (when self-stretching) and passive (when someone helps you stretch your arms, back or legs).

Stretch for about one minute, but the goal is to reduce the tightness of the muscles and prepare the muscle fibers for re-stretching.