What Are My Options For Drug Addiction Treatment?

If you are addicted to drugs or you have a loved one suffering from chronic addiction, you need not panic as it can be treated. Drug abuse treatment varies depending on the symptoms of the addict.  Some families consult the services of an addiction rehab center to help treat their relatives suffering from drug addictions. Most times, families prefer to utilize the best possible addiction treatment, even when it’s obvious that the drug or alcohol abuse hasn’t deteriorated to the extent of physical dependence. To completely treat an addiction, it’s important for the addict to get the required treatment plan that will manage the prevalent symptoms.

Hillcrest Drug and Alcohol addiction Rehab in Ontario help you realize the joy of living without drugs or alcohol. It is always better to consult a specialist with adequate knowledge on the patient’s symptoms and how best to tackle it. This is vital because many healthcare workers do not have a deep understanding of substance abuse, especially in cases where the addiction comes with co-occurring disorders. To get quality healthcare service for an addict, be it for drug or alcohol, there is a need to get a professional that is well versed in handling addiction cases on both individual and group basis.

Addiction rehab center refer to a place where a group of people who intend recovering from addiction reside together with necessary facilities to ease their recovery process. Addiction rehab centers offer a more intense treatment dedicated to provide full recovery for people suffering from drug abuse. When it comes to state of the art equipments and personalized service, choose an addiction rehab center in Ontario. Staffs are fully licensed and certified to carry out personal alcohol and drug addiction recovery treatment.  Daily attendance at AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and other 12 Step meetings is usually a necessity.

 Prescription medication

There have been scientific reports that confirm the claim that those suffering from drug abuse and co-occurring disorders can be placed on the path of recovery through prescription medication. Prescription medication is quite effective in drastically reducing symptoms such as depression, anxiety and other related co-occurring disorders. In recent times, there has been widespread media publicity about the effectiveness of prescription medications in managing substance dependence. It’s worthy to note that the use of medication is at best a small part of addiction treatment for a limited number of users..

Medications such as buprenorphine (suboxone), baclofen, naltrexone or topiramate are carefully controlled and must be used under strict supervision of a qualified doctor with many years of experience in medication assisted detox.

Inpatient treatment

For those suffering from complicated alcohol addiction or substance dependence that result in serious health complications might require inpatient treatment. This option is one of the most effective ways of treating drug abuse especially for those addicted to heroin, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. In a bid to stabilize medical symptoms while ensuring patient gets actively involved in several activities, inpatient detox may become a necessity.


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